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The Arizona Supreme Court issued a decision on April 9, 2024 that reinstates a total abortion ban. ABORTION IS TEMPORARILY AVAILABLE IN ARIZONA AND CLINICS ARE STILL PROVIDING CARE. If you need an abortion, please reach out to a clinic to learn about appointment availability. If you need financial assistance, please contact us once you’ve made your appointment. Learn more about our process here.



Acacia Women's Center

Phoenix, AZ

(602) 462-5559

Choices Women's Center*

Tucson, AZ

(520) 210-8300 


Camelback Family Planning*

Phoenix, AZ

(602) 279-2337


Desert Star Family Planning*

Phoenix, AZ

(480) 447-8857


Family Planning Associates Medical Group of Phoenix*

Phoenix, AZ 

(602) 553-0440


Planned Parenthood Arizona (clinics in Tucson and Phoenix)

855.207.PLAN (7526)

*Of the above clinics, the Abortion Fund of Arizona works with Choices Women's Center, Desert Star Family Planning, Camelback Family Planning, and Family Planning Associates. Planned Parenthood may be able to provide some financial assistance if you ask them.







National Abortion Federation (NAF)

NAF clinic list available online from National Abortion Federation (NAF):

For unbiased information about abortion and about other resources, including financial assistance, call toll-free 1-800-772-9100


Weekdays: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Eastern Time 

Saturdays and Sundays: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time 


The NAF Hotline is available to answer any questions you may have about abortion, unintended pregnancy, or related issues. The Hotline is free, completely anonymous, and offers services to everyone, regardless of their individual situation.


The NAF Hotline is the only toll-free source of information about abortion and referrals to providers of quality care in the U.S. and Canada. They provide callers with unbiased, factual information about abortion in English, Spanish, and French. They receive thousands of calls a week from women, their partners, families and friends. The Hotline offers:


  • Factual information about pregnancy and abortion

  • Confidential, non-judgmental support

  • Referrals to quality abortion providers in the caller’s area

  • Referrals to funding sources

  • Help in understanding state abortion restrictions

  • Case management and limited financial assistance for women in difficult situations

*Family Planning Associates and Camelback Family Planning provides in-office intake for NAF. 


      Tucson Abortion Support Collective (T.A.S.C.)

          Tucson-based collective providing financial, emotional, informational, material, and logistical support to people seeking abortion care in Tucson            and surrounding areas.

           | phone number (texts and calls): 520-235-6934


     Indigenous Women Rising

          Helpline: 505-398-1990


          This abortion fund is open to all Indigenous people in the United States and Canada who have the capacity to become pregnant and seeking             an abortion in the United States. 



Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project  

*WRRAP does not take funding requests from patients directly, please ask the clinic where you are having your procedure if they can request funds on your behalf.*


WRRAP is a non-partisan, non-profit organization helping women gain access to safe, legal abortion services and emergency contraceptives. We work with pre-qualified, reputable reproductive health clinics across the U.S. on behalf of disadvantaged women in need.








      Legal Support 

          Minors/Teens Needing Abortion Access

          Learn about Arizona’s laws on minors and how the judicial bypass system works to obtain abortion care.            


Repro Legal Defense Fund exists to help keep the financial and emotional cost of criminalization as low as possible. If you are someone who is being criminalized for an abortion (at home or in a clinic), pregnancy loss, or for something that happened during your pregnancy, they may be able to help.



Non-Judgemental Counseling / Talklines



M-Fri 10 - 1am, Sa-Su 10-6 EST


Our Talkline offers peer counseling and support to people throughout the United States and Canada. We are the only national talkline that welcomes calls at any point during or after pregnancy, whether callers are looking for options counseling, support before or after abortion, or a chance to talk about parenting, pregnancy loss, adoption, or infertility.


The Faith Aloud clergy counseling line became a program of All-Options (formerly known as Backline) in the Fall of 2015. Faith Aloud offers compassionate, non judgmental religious and spiritual support for abortion and pregnancy decisions. Callers can connect with trained clergy and religious counselors from diverse faith backgrounds.



After-Abortion Talkline


Mon–Fri: 5–10pm PT Sat–Sun: 12–10pm PT


Exhale offers a free, national talkline that provides emotional support, resources and information. All calls are completely confidential and counselors offer support and respect without judgment. The service is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.


The Exhale talkline is available to folks who have had abortions, and to their partners, friends, allies, and family members.

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