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Volunteers working on solutions
for abortion access!

Your financial donation to our organization allows us to continue providing financial assistance and education for the community. A donation directly to the Abortion Fund covers some of the financial costs for the procedure itself and also allows us to offer practical support, which is a form of other financial help to get individuals to their appointment with as minimal stress as possible. 


Practical support looks like

  • gas assistance

  • physical ride assistance

  • hotel stays for patients who need to travel

  • full coverage of the Rhogam vaccine for Rh-Negative blood types

  • meal support for traveling patients

  • offsetting the cost of childcare

  • Flight coverage

We cannot continue to support people month after month without your help.


Become a monthly donor to support the Abortion Fund! By pledging a donation each month, you are helping to sustain our work in Arizona. Even $5 per month helps make all the difference!


You can also mail checks to :

Pro-Choice Arizona / Abortion Fund of Arizona

1934 E Camelback Rd

STE 120-416

Phoenix, Arizona 85016


Another great way to support the fund is to host your own event or party to educate people about the extent of abortion restrictions in Arizona and raise money for the abortion fund. If you’re interested in hosting a gathering, just email us at


Thanks for your support!​

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