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Call our helpline anytime. Our volunteers return calls every 24-48 hours, usually in the evenings.

We do not accept funding requests via email.  

The Abortion Fund of Arizona offsets the cost of abortion care by helping pay some of your bill at your abortion provider. We do not give funds directly to callers. We seek to connect as many people with funding and resources as possible. Curious about what happens when you call us? Just read below.

We are more than happy to answer any call for help or information, but please note that we cannot provide funds to any person(s) who hasn't had their abortion consultation yet. We also can only provide funds for certain Phoenix-area clinics*. Please check our resource list to get more information on all of the abortion clinics throughout Arizona state including the ones that accept AFAZ funds. Plus find information on the national funds and different talk/helplines available to you.

*Having an appointment with one of our partnered clinics does not guarantee you funding.







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