#Aborto Legal Ya: Abortion Activism in Argentina

Over the last year, our conversations about abortion access and laws at an international level have focused on the damaging effects of the Global Gag Rule. Also known as the Mexico City Policy, this regulation was reinstated by President Trump early in his first term, after having been rescinded by President Obama in 2009. These are, of course, critically important conversations, as regulations such as the Global Gag Rule have prevented NGOs from distributing life-saving information about reproductive health care to women all around the world. But it’s also important to talk about cases where we’re making progress, which is what I want to share with you today. Like many other Latin American

What a Kavanaugh confirmation would mean for Arizonans

We are, by now, all aware of the ersatz reality-TV spectacle that was this week’s SCOTUS pick announcement, and of its result: D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh is headed to the Senate, and will likely be confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice. To be fair, any nominee from the list of front-runners would have been a blow to women’s (and LGBTQ, and worker, and minority) rights. Now that we know Kavanaugh is the final pick, let’s take a look at his record when it comes to reproductive rights, and what that means for women in Arizona. In 2006, while being questioned during his confirmation hearing for the D.C. Circuit Court, Kavanaugh said that he “would follow Roe v. Wade faithfull

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